REVIEW: Earth to Echo



Content: 2
Performance: 3
Execution: 3
Creative Skill: 4

The content was entertaining, if not altogether original. The storyline was a mashup of E.T., Super 8, and Race to Witch Mountain. See the Creative Skill paragraph for a modifier.
Performances were decent, but not exceptional for what I’ve seen child actors to be capable of. Certainly, they did a great job, but I felt like there was too much of an expectation of originality in their actions that didn’t actually come through. Still, not bad for kids.
The execution was pretty good. I think the balance was there, but that “X Factor” was missing. For me I think it had something to do with the expectation of a close emotional connection, but no build-up to one.
Creative Skill was easily the best part of the film for me, hence the “4.” Having the whole thing be shot from multiple devices was genius,, though not entirely original either. Also, the visual effects were flawless in my opinion.


Content: 3
Performance: 4
Execution: 3
Creative Skill: 3

This was a good story. While it was partially a rip off of E.T. the approach felt new. I found myself engaged in the story and, even though I had notions, I wasn’t sure what was coming next.
For me, the performance fit the role well. These felt like real kids. The actors portrayed real life responses excellently. Everyone can see themselves in one of these kids.
The execution worked fairly well. The actors fit the story to the point that you forget that this isn’t real, but I wasn’t immersed in the story. It was just missing tat X-factor for me.
I love how the camera was done in first person, however it isn’t for everyone. There is a lot of motion that can make a person dizzy. If you get motion sick, I wouldn’t recommend it. Also there is a certain truck scene that felt a little underdone. Other than those two small things I thought it was great!

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