REVIEW: The Maze Runner



Content: 4
Performance: 4
Execution: 4
Creative Skill: 4

The content was incredibly engaging. Being an adaptation, the storyline isn’t surprising, but the screenplay was well written.
The performances were truly inspiring to me. As an amateur actor, I greatly appreciated the skill of each actor. The only one I had a few issues with was Theresa, because I think she’s a fine actress, but her performance lacked some of the intensity her male counterparts had.
The execution could not have been better, in my opinion. The performers really seemed to grasp the gravity of the story, and that deeper cognizance showed.
For creative skill, I gave a “4” because the visuals of the maze were so believable. The “grievers” could not have been more improved, but the graphics didn’t impair my suspension of disbelief enough to bother me.



Content: 4
Performance: 4
Execution: 4
Creative Skill: 4

This is an exceptional story with great screenwriting. I never knew what was coming next! It has an ending that leaves you wanting more while satisfying its audience’s need for a twist.
The performance was excellent. I felt my feet twitching every time they ran! I also felt connected to the characters. When they were scared, my heart skipped a beat. When they were running, my heart raced. When they were crying, I got chocked up (not an easy thing to accomplish).
While it was such a huge story, I never felt it overwhelmed the performance. It seemed to fit very well with the theme. Everything seemed to be at a very high level.
As far as the Audio/Visuals were concerned, I was impressed. The maze and greavers felt real and the combination of score and cinematography kept me in suspense!

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