Groupcast #2: Cacophony of Awesome

Josh, Sammi, Danielle, Becca and Gretchen all join in with Ben and Ian as they discuss proper tic tac dispensing, shoe lacing, cannibalism and of course comic books/movies.



Hence the name “Poser Podcast”


They’re back at it for this month’s episode of the Poser Podcast!

Ben and Ian talk work outs…yes…they exercise…a little…

Don’t worry…they talk about comic books too…

[audio ]

BONUS: Getting to Bolivia…Coffeehouse Fundraiser


Past a future guest Danielle Campbell had a fundraiser held in her honor to help get her to Bolivia. She’s being sent there with an organization called NICS to teach. Learn more in this bonus episode!

Spoiler Alert: Grown Up Kids

Ian and Ben FINALLY get to have a long-awaited, much anticipated, nerd sesh. Tune in to hear them gush about all of the incredible things that have occurred in the world of comic book culture since the last time they gushed. But be careful kids, there are a plethora of spoilers. #Posernation

Real Talks with Christian Seay

TIz1Hpq_Poser Podcast is privileged to sit down and chat with the one, the only, Mr. Christian Seay, and his good friend Sean Fernandez. To top it all off, Christian is our first musical guest, performing – not one – but TWO original tunes. Check it out!

Interim #2


Unfortunately Ben and Ian are just super busy and out of sync these days that they haven’t been able to record anything for a while. So, Ian has decided to post a few interim episodes so that we can actually give you guys some kind of content. Join the conversation as Ian sits down and chats with his good friend Sean Fernandez! Enjoy!