The Critics

Matt Bosley was raised in Desoto County Mississippi. He is the quintessential PK (Pastor’s Kid) and grew up inside the doors of Colonial Hills Church. He is a nerd. He has a quick wit and is never really serious, if he can help it. A major Film-Buff, he has a passion for watching movies and creating videos.  With hopes of becoming a film maker one day, he is currently in school at Northwest Mississippi Community College and plans to transfer to Southern Miss to study film. He is employed at CHC as a Baptism Video Editor and does freelance video work when he can. He also prefers the DC universe over Marvel. While he may seem strange and weird, deep down inside he is really very odd. Hobbies include watching movies and TV, playing video games, making videos, and serving at his church.Brick1Benjamin Beam hails from the great state of Mississippi, was raised in the Russian Empire, and now lives close enough to Memphis to consider it home. With a degree from Ole Miss (Hotty Toddy), Ben is an English teacher at Horn Lake Middle School. Hobbies include reading, writing, photography, hiking, theater, and collecting rocks.




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